Fiji’s Finest Kava

Straight from the source

Celebrating a Unique Sense of Place and A Rich Heritage

Kavanesia High-Quality Fijian Kava offers discerning consumers looking for an all-natural healthy alternative to antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication a safe and effective treatment.

Kavanesia kava is sourced from organic kava crops grown in Lovoni, on the Ovalau coast of Fiji, within an extinct volcano crater. The ancient volcanic soils, with their rich mineral deposits and natural fresh-water springs, are ideal for the cultivation of high quality 100% kava.

The guaranteed waka grade lateral roots of these remarkable shrubs ensure 100% potency and efficacy. The Lovoni region is situated in the Ovalau group of islands, an area renowned for producing the highest quality kava cultivars. These cultivars have been lovingly nurtured and tended from generation to generation.

Across the globe, the health-conscious and those eager to discover natural herbal alternatives to prescription medications are looking to Fijian kava as a source of wellbeing and optimal health. Kavanesia Premium Fijian Kava Powder offers one of the strongest and most concentrated kava compounds available.

What sets Kavanesia apart is Losi’s exclusive family connection to the land – no other kava growers have the added advantage of cultivating their crops within this distinctive and exceptional volcanic environment.



Order yours today and begin your chillaxing journey towards enjoying greater feelings of wellbeing, restoring calm, and savouring a good night’s sleep.
Herbal Supplement
Kava Powder
250g / 0.55lbs

Kavalactone 13% , Kava chemotype 426351

Herbal Supplement
Kava Powder
500g / 1.1lbs

Kavalactone 13% , Kava chemotype 426351

Herbal Supplement
Kava Powder
1kg / 2.2lbs

Kavalactone 13% , Kava chemotype 426351

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