Become A Kavanesian

Find Your Chill with Kavanesia Premium Fijian Noble Kava


    • Give your body & mind the break they deserve
    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety
    • Muscle relaxer
    • Euphoric Effects
    • Alternative alcohol
    • Warm down for High performance Athletes
Herbal Supplement
Kava Powder 250g / 0.55lbs

Kavalactone 13% , Kava chemotype 426351

Herbal Supplement
Kava Powder 500g / 1.1lbs

Kavalactone 13% , Kava chemotype 426351

Herbal Supplement
Kava Powder 1kg / 2.2lbs

Kavalactone 13% , Kava chemotype 426351


What Makes Kavanesia Special?

A unique sense of place, a rich heritage

Kavanesia Owner and founder Losi Harford is on a mission to destigmatise the notion that only Pacific Islanders drink kava. Her motto Become a Kavanesian – Chillax is as much a proud affirmation of kava’s many exciting opportunities, as it is an invitation to experience first-hand this extraordinary natural antidote to stress and tension.

For centuries people have been enjoying the many benefits of this versatile herbal drink. Now Losi hopes to make it accessible to fans of Fijian Kava here in New Zealand, as well as across the globe – by supplying it online through her digital storefront Kavanesia. She also hopes to spread the word, when it comes to educating people about kava, and how it can have a positive impact on the lives of those that suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia and other common ailments.

Why Kava?

Kava has a 3,000-year history as a safe and effective way to promote a state of mental wellbeing that is accompanied by marked physical relaxation.

It is neither intoxicating like alcohol, nor stimulating like coffee. Once you’ve discovered your unique Kavanesia Chillax, expect to feel relaxed, at peace, and ready to socialize.

Kavanesia premium quality kava is sourced from organic kava crops grown in Lovoni, on the Ovalau Island of Fiji, within an extinct volcano crater.

The ancient volcanic soils, with their rich mineral deposits and natural fresh-water springs, are ideal for the cultivation of high quality 100% kava.

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